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Get the lead out: raising awareness can save kids from being poisoned by paint, Utica Observer-Dispatch, 2/7/16

Flint Water Crisis a Reminder of Lead Danger
, (pdf) D&C, 1/30/16


Lead Paint May Still Lurk on the Porch, Futurity.org, 1/29/15

More Lead on Porches Than in Homes, Study Finds, WXXI News, 1/29/15

Right of Refusal, City Newspaper, 12/3/14

Rochester Leads on Lead While Buffalo Dallies, Investigative Post, 11/12/14

Buffalo is Ground Zero for Lead Poisoning, Investigative Post, 11/11/14

Buffalo's Big Lead Poisoning Problem, Investigative Post, 11/10/14

Elizabeth McDade and Len Merritt on the City of Rochester's CITYWISE, October 2014

PRESS RELEASE: New "Healthy Homes/Healthy Families" Resource Guides, (pdf) Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, 6/4/14
Elizabeth McDade, Dr. Stan Schaffer and Dr. Byron Kennedy speak about 2013 Monroe County Blood Lead Levels (see Part 1 and Part 2) on WHAM 13's "Many Voices, Many Visions," April 2014

Local public health officials encouraged by lead trends, City Newspaper, 3/25/14
Lead Poisoning in Dogs and Cats, Pet Health Network, 2/11/14
Forces seek to fight Newburgh's lead poisoning, Times Herald Record, 11/26/13

This is your brain on toxins, New York Times, 10/16/13 (pdf)

Sunset for Leaded Aviation Gasoline?, Environmental Health Perspectives, February 2013

Health Foundation Funds Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, (pdf) 5/15/14

Trying to float a lead balloon, Democrat and Chronicle, 6/22/12
Rochester's Lead Law: Evaluation of a Local Environmental Health Innovation, Environmental Health Perspectives, February 2012
Partnership abated lead threat (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 01/14/12

Rochester Scientist Leads National Fight Against Lead, URMC, 1/13/12
Tougher Lead Levels Standards Recommended, 13WHAM-TV, 1/12/12
Monroe GOP's Bad Calls, (pdf) D&C, 1/8/12

Arrogant County Legislators put Children At Risk, (pdf), Webster Post, 12/29/11
Effects of Lead Exposure on Obesity and Bone Loss, National Inst. for Environmental Health Services, 12/11
Don't retreat on lead poisoning, Speaking Out, D&C, 11/13/11 (pdf)
Proposed cut in lead checks decried (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/02/11
Lead Poisoning adds to troubles of urban youth, SUNY Brockport Stylus, 10/11/11

Baltimore Revitalization Generates New Safety Standards in Demolition, PD&R Edge, 7/6/11

An advocate for the study of the environment’s role in bone diseases, Edward Puzas chases his primary and persistent culprit, lead, Rochester Medicine, Winter 2011
Flushing out lead, metals with chelation therapy, NPR news, 1/3/11