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Importance of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention, (pdf) NYS Department of Health Community Health Partnership, 11/10

Study shows brass devises in plumbing systems can create serious lead-in-water problems, Virgina Tech News, 11/17/10
Coalition gets the lead out, The Daily Record, 9/22/10

Commmunity Foundation gives awards to six area residents, lead-free coalition, Democrat and Chronicle, 9/23/10

Rochester-area anti-lead fighters honored, Democrat and Chronicle, 7/21/10

EPA honors Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, WHEC Channel 10, 7/21/10

Home Work, Rochester Review, July-August 2010

Louise Bennett: Reaching out to Rochester's refugees, Messenger Post Newspapers, 6/14/10

Lead poisoning cases continue decline, Democrat and Chronicle, 6/16/10

High Lead Levels Hurt Learning for DPS kids, Detroit Free Press, 5/16/10
Court rules city law does not violate Constitution, (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 2/5/10

Lead Found in Women's Handbags, ABC News, 1/22/10
Lead Paint Rules Require Contractor Certification, (pdf) Associated Press, 1/22/10

Rochester recognized by EPA for lead abatement efforts, University of Rochester Medical Center, 12/14/09

Lead coalition receives EPA Award, D&C, 12/14/09

Governor Patterson supports Task Force Recommendations to Strengthen Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts, 12/3/09

New York State Task Force on the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning Preliminary Report 2009, (pdf) 12/3/09

Association of Tobacco and Lead Exposures with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, (pdf) Pediatrics, 11/23/09

Can Our  Shameful Prisons be Reformed?, The New York Review of Books, 11/19/09

Town Hall on Toy Safety: CPSC Talks to Parents ABout New Rules Aimed at Making Toys Safer, US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 11/17/09

Childhood Lead Poisonings Increase in Iowa; Home Remodeling Projects Cause Lead Exposure, Iowa Dept of Public Health, 11/16/09

Coalition plans free screenings for lead, D&C, 10/24/09

School Drinking Water Contains Toxins, Associated Press, 9/25/09

The Social Cost of Childhood Lead Exposure in the Post-Lead Regulation Era, Archive of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 9/09

Historic home projects, Democrat and Chronicle, 9/5/09

Age of Greatest Susceptibility to Childhood Lead Exposure: A New Statistical Approach, (pdf) Environmental Health Perspectives, August 2009

In Obama Garden, Less Lead, New York Times, 8/12/09

For the sake of the kids, Herald Palladium, 7/4/09 

Childhood Lead Poisoning: Conservative Estimate of the Social and Economic Benefits of Lead Hazard Control, Environmental Health Perspectives, 7/09

Governor Paterson announces New York Medicaid to reimburse for blood lead testing in children, 6/27/09

Higher bone-lead levels associated with dementia, Environmental Health Sciences, 6/26/09

Gov. Paterson issues Executive Order 21 establishing the Governor's Force Task on the prevention of childhood lead poisoning, 6/2/09

Declaring war on the invisible monster, Buffalo Rising, 5/19/09

For urban gardeners, lead is a concern, New York Times, 5/14/09

Syracuse's community gardents are tainted with lead and arsenic, Syracuse Post-Standard, 5/6/09

Health agency covered up lead harm, Slate.com, 04/10/09

Elevated Blood Lead Concentrations Associated With Higher Mortality From Coronary Heart Disease for Older Women, (pdf) Environmental Health, 4/3/09

Safety check on kids' goods, Democrat and Chronicle, 02/11/09

Study links children's lead levels, SAT scores, USA Today, 02/03/09

Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels Related to Home Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities - New York State, 2006-2007 (pdf), Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, January 30, 2009

Lead in toys: keep on the lookout, Consumer Reports, January 2009

Exposure to lead brings cognitive problems later in life, Neuropsychology Today, 01/09/09

Report says fewer Rochester children have high blood lead levels,WXXI, 12/12/08

Report Released on Initial 2 Years of Rochester NY Lead Law, Nearly 3,440 housing units being made lead safe, number of children under Age 6 with Lead Poisoning is Down, (pdf) Center for Governmental Research, 12/10/08

Pediatric Mgmt of Blood Lead Levels Less than 10 ug/DL: Why is This Necessary? (pdf), November 2008

Officials to host lead paint workshop in Pittsford, Democrat and Chronicle, 11/11/08

Red flag over lead in kids' blood, The Hamilton Spectator, 11/08/08

Lead Exposures in U.S. Children, 2008: Implications for Prevention, (pdf) Environmental Health Perspectives, 10/08

Override lead veto (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/23/08

Lead hazards found in homes in good repair (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/23/08

Lead Bill Vetoed (pdf), 10/16/08

Lead poisoning foes mark progress (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/17/08

Gov. Paterson: Sign lead bill; save kids from brain damage (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/14/08

Address threat of lead poisoning in Western New York (pdf), The Buffalo News, 10/14/08

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Interview with Cornell Cooperative Extension Cayuga County,
WAUB 1590 Finger Lakes Radio, 10/07/08
(scroll down left side of page and click on "Renee Jensen, Lisa Donalds")

Don't veto lead bill (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/24/08

Bill to fight lead poisoning in jeopardy amid state budget crisis (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/24/08

Lead lurks in unexpected places,,The Early Show, CBS News, 09/17/08

State legislature finally passes lead bill (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/12/08

Slaughter tours Rochester's Healthy Home today (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/11/08

Lead bill may pass senate, Democrat and Chronicle, 08/08/08

Lawmakers Agree to Ban Toxins in Children's Items (pdf), Washington Post, 07/29/08

Lead: Not just an inner city problem, Messenger Post Newspapers, 07/01/08

Politics preventing kids from being protected from lead, The Journal News, 06/30/08

Bickering derails lead paint bill (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/25/08

Protect Kids from Poison: Legislature should pass legislation addressing issues of lead paint, Buffalo News, 06/11/08

14611 Lead Safe Saturdays (pdf)

Senator seeks support for bill to prevent lead poisoning, Poughkeepsie Journal, 06/04/08

Lead paint poisons public safety, not just public health, Daily News, 06/04/08

UofR Community Health Voice Blog, Exposing an Invisible Monster, Ralph Spezio, 05/30/08

Rochester company's chief executive succeeds by learning, Democrat and Chronicle, 06/01/08

Wake up and care, CBS newsman Smith tells Rochester Ad Council audience, Democrat and Chronicle, 05/29/08

Lead poisoning disproportionate among blacks and latinos, Minority Reporter, 05/29/08

Lead tied to criminal behavior (pdf), Baltimore Sun, 05/28/08

Lead poisoning, It's time to act on bill to eliminate dangerous substance, Syracuse.com, 05/16/08

Lead poisoning still plague in Rochester (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 05/14/08

Foundation commits $2 million to prevent lead poisoning (pdf), 05/05/08

Beef up state lead law (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/28/08

Fake turf's lead content at issue (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/19/08

Brooks Announces New Lead Poisoning Prevention Campaign (pdf), 04/17/08

Monroe County lead risk declining (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/11/08

Federal regulation will require renovators to work safely with lead paint; advocates welcome rule while urging EPA to fix rule flaws, National Center for Healthy Housing, 03/31/08

Free Lead Abatement Worker Training to take place in Rochester on April 30 and May 1 (pdf), Cornell University Workplace Health Safety Program

Dr. Bruce Lanphear to Lecture in Rochester on March 31 and April 1 (pdf)

Ignoring Minority Children: The State's Failure to Respond to Lead Paint Poisoning - A Matter of Racial Justice (ppt), PowerPoint presentation by Michael Hanley, Empire Justice Center, February 2008

A Matter of Racial Justice: The Alarming Disparities of Lead-Poisoning Rates in New York State (pdf), Poverty & Race, January/February 2008

Rochester Lead Effort a Model for Other Upstate Communities, University of Rochester, 02/04/08

Folk Medicines Contain Lead (pdf), Associated Press, 01/22/08

Lead Link to Alzheimer's Disease? (pdf), WebMD.com, 01/02/08

Keep working to combat lead poisoning (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/20/07

Roberts Supports Lead Awareness
(pdf), R-News, 12/18/07

Lawmakers target fake Christmas trees (pdf), Politico.com, 12/13/07

An Evaluation of the City of Rochester's Lead Law, Year One Report (pdf) Center for Governmental Research, December 2007

Rochester's lead law shows positive results (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/11/07

Christmas Lights Found with Potentially Unsafe Levels of Lead (pdf), CNN.com, 12/10/07

Pirate Toy Fund sponsors clinic to test toys for lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/07/07

Lead levels even well below US standard may affect brain function in children (pdf), Cornell Chronicle, 11/20/07

For many kids, lead threat is right in their own homes (pdf), USA Today, 11/01/07

Government warns consumers not to use inexpensive lead testing kits
(pdf), MSNBC.com, 10/23/07

Rochester gets $1.6M more for lead abatement (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/31/07

Beware lead at home, and not just from China (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/30/07

Lead Contamination from Old Firing Range Found at Public Safety Training Facility (pdf), 10/23/07

Community Combats Lead Poisoning (pdf), R-News, 10/22/07

Criminal Element (pdf), New York Times, 10/21/07

A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick (pdf), The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, October 2007

New RCSD Policy Ensures Lead Safety (pdf), R-News, 09/26/07
Click here to view video

Rochester City School District approves lead policy (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/26/07

Lead-paint toys aren't the biggest risk, Los Angles Times, 09/23/07

Reynolds wants import oversight (pdf), R-News, 09/21/07
Click here to view video

Lead poses serious health risk to children (pdf), USA Today, 09/20/07

China bans lead paint in toys exported to the US (pdf), USA Today, 0911/07

Anti-lead effort gets $3.5 million lift (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/05/07

Lead-in-jewelry bill vetoed (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/30/07

Perils of lead also in kiddie jewelry (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/29/07

The Pernicious Allure of Lead (pdf), New York Times, 08/21/07

Parents worry about buying toys (pdf), News 10NBC, 08/14/07

Lead poisoning mostly from house paint (pdf), News 10NBC, 08/14/07

Lead Poisoning and Crime, The Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio, 08/08/07

Lead Paint Prompts Mattel to Recall 967,000 Toys (pdf), New York Times, 08/02/07

Senator Obama and Rep. Slaughter Introduce Legislation to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning (pdf), 07/18/07

Senator Clinton re-introduces legislation to help safeguard children against lead hazards in the home (pdf), 07/17/07

Horrors of lead ignite lawsuits: landlords cry 'unfair' (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/08/07

Research Links Lead Exposure, Criminal Activity (pdf), Washington Post, 0708/07

Lawmakers act to limit lead levels in kids' jewelry (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/22/07

As More Toys are Recalled, Trail Ends in China (pdf), New York Times, 06/19/07

Monroe faulted in lead poisoning (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/16/07

No relenting on lead eradication (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/15/07

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint (pdf), New York Times, 06/15/07

State action urged on lead poisoning (pdf), TimesUnion.com, 06/06/07

Rochester doctors say home lead test is only partially effective (pdf), WROC TV-8, 06/01/07

Low-cost Lead Test Flawed (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/01/07

CPLP Offers FREE Lead Safe Work Practices Classes (pdf), 06/01/07

Lead a lethal hazard for adults, too (pdf), Newsday, 05/19/07

Test Again at Two (pdf), R-News, 05/17/07

Pushing forward against poison, Democrat and Chronicle, 04/14/07

Lead poisoning numbers fall, R-News, 04/10/07
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video of this story

Lead poisonings diminish (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/10/07

Chipping away at lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/10/07

Lead poisoning decreasing in Monroe County (pdf), News 10NBC, 04/09/07

Bill would give landlords incentive to reduce lead paint in apartments (pdf), Legislative Gazette.com, 04/09/07

Monroe County continues the fight against lead poisoning (pdf), WROC TV-8, 04/09/07

A fresh alarm on dangers of lead
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/05/07

State's new health chief visits to see local efforts
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/03/07

Four million children's bracelets recalled
(pdf), CNNMoney.com, 04/03/07

Funds available to clean up lead hazards
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/10/07

Lead Exposure, IQ, and Behavior in Urban 5- to 7-Year-Olds: Does Lead Affect Behavior Only by Lowering IQ?
(pdf), Pediatrics, 03/02/07

How Gov't Decided Lunch Box Lead Levels
(pdf), Associated Press, 02/18/07

RCSD Lead Plan Tests Buildings
(pdf), R-News, 02/16/07

Plans sought to ensure city schools are lead-free
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 02/16/07

Talk targets lead paint
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 02/07/07

Low-level toxicants can harm brain
(pdf), Newsday, 02/05/07

Exposure to Lead and Length of Time Needed to Make Homes Lead-Safe for Young Children
American Journal of Public Health, 12/28/06

Area activist points to hazardous toys
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/21/06

Rash of violence on city streets
(pdf), News 10NBC, 11/9/06

Fund the Fixes
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/03/06

Video helps parents avoid lead's dangers
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/23/06

One-third of ADHD Cases in U.S. Children Linked to Lead
(pdf), Associated Press, 09/19/06

Forum focuses on city lead law, (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 09/13/06

Funds for lead cleanup on the way
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/19/06

Schumer Announces Nearly $2 Million Coming to Western New York for Lead Elimination Programs
(pdf), 09/18/06

FDA Broadens Access to Lead Screening Test That Gives Immediate Results
(pdf), U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 09/18/06

Lead progress
(pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/06/06

Owners' lead law worries lessen 
Democrat and Chronicle, 09/05/06

Lead level closes city building
Syracuse Post Standard, 09/01/06

Pick up the pace (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/02/06

City zeros in on lead
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/30/06

City's new lead law too late for thousands
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/27/06

Lead Law Just a Start
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/26/06

Lead's societal toll may be high

Exposure linked to intelligence loss, violent behavior in our area, Democrat and Chronicle, 06/26/06

Boy was twice a victim — of lead, then violence
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/25/06

Maintain the momentum
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/25/06

Lead-fighting efforts are paying off
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/25/06

Fewer will face lead poisoning
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/25/06

Model Home Illustrates Lead Safety
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/20/06

Program explains new lead paint law
Democrat and Chronicle, 06/14/06

State, L.A. Sue Coke Over Lead in Labels
Los Angeles Times, 05/16/06

OSHA Fines Webster, N.Y., Contractor $323,000 for Lead Exposure Hazards at SUNY Geneseo Worksite, 0410/06

Clinton praises local lead paint efforts
Senator calls city a 'national model,' touts bill for federal credits for removal, Democrat and Chronicle, 03/28/06

Study: Lead may be osteoporosis linked (pdf), United Press International, 03/27/06

Mains wins national award for work on lead paint poisoning, Empty Closet, 03/23/06

A preventable epidemic (pdf), About Time Magazine, April 2006

City's lead-paint measure gets a 'go' 
Democrat and Chronicle, 03/16/06

Take responsibility
Democrat and Chronicle, 03/06/06

Next Steps On Lead
Democrat and Chronicle, 02/06/06

No "safe" lead level seen for fetal brain
Reuters, 01/19/06

City gets tough lead law (pdf), City Newspaper, 12/28/05

Next steps on lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/27/05

Anti-lead paint plan saluted (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/23/05

LEAD 9-0 vote calls for dust wipes, affects thousands (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/21/05

Lead hurt my son; please spare others (pdf), Speaking Out Essay, Democrat and Chronicle, 12/11/05

Lead hazard in City Council's sights (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 12/11/05

Add lead test to inspection (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/23/05

Lead in the city (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/22/05

Council readying anti-lead measure (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 11/21/05

Poison blanket (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/02/05

Maggie Brooks' Lead Pilot Program Gets an F (pdf) Metro Justice News, 08/05

Landlords ask to shift lead costs to city (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/21/05

Lead fight refocusing, Efforts seek out hazards before kids are harmed (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/22/05

Let's now agree on funding to eradicate the lead threat (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/14/05

City and landlords must work together on lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 02/21/05

Lead Progress: As city moves ahead, landlords must join fight to prevent poisoning (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 01/24/05

Lead paint plan may be held up for a year (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 01/17/05

Poisoning continues: City and county must get moving on lead hazard initiatives (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 01/10/05

A child's home should be haven from dangers of lead, (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 01/07/05

Remove all toxic paint before it sickens children (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/29/04

Screenings for lead here top state rate (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/21/04

Stubbs to guide anti-lead poisoning coalition (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/18/04

Recent lead summit revealed community's will to aid children (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/29/04

County must test homes before children move in (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/29/04

Monroe County to toughen lead testing in homes (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 6/11/04


Monroe redoubles efforts to control lead poisoning (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/09/04

Keep lead from poisoning our children, our community (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/08/04

African Americans want more voice in lead efforts (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 05/28/04

Lead Progress: Drop in the number of child poisonings shows what must be done next (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle Editorial, 05/26/04

An alarming study (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle Editorial, 04/09/04

Letter to the Editor: Ending lead poison should be top priority (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/31/04

Our environment (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle Editorial, 01/01/04

City studies link between crime, lead poisoning
$5.5 million from HUD spurs multifaceted war to protect kids
Democrat and Chronicle, 12/11/03

Fill the holes in regulations meant to save children from lead damage (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/23/03

Expect new county executive to get the lead out of housing (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/23/03

Lead hotline deal struck (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 10/07/03

Letter to the Editor: Getting the lead out will brighten future (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/23/03

Prevent lead poisoning (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 09/19/03

Lead ruins lives (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 09/08/03

Letter to the Editor: Lead removal is duty of owners, landlords (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 08/28/03

Protecting children from lead is entire community's duty (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 07/22/03

Lead poisoning prompts lawsuits (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/20/03

Rochester can and should prevent lead poisoning (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 07/17/03

The Lead Crisis (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle Editorial, 07/15/03

City program finally to start but won't help all (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/13/03

Legislature toughens lead poison standard (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/09/03

Protect youngest residents rid homes of harmful lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 07/08/03

Look to parents to protect children from lead paint (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 07/02/03

Councilman plans to make peeling paint a health violation (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/08/03

Learning about lead helps solve problem, (pdf) Brighton-Pittsford Post, 06/04/03

Lead poisoning topic of study (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/23/03

Even low levels of lead can hurt kids (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 04/17/03

UR students lead lesson in lead-paint detection (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 04/06/03

Group wants to end problem in Monroe County by 2010 (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/15/03

$2 million to fight lead paint in county (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 01/14/03

City to put $5 million to curbing lead (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 05/27/02

Child lead poisoning remains urgent problem (pdf),
Democrat and Chronicle, 4/30/02

Childhood lead poisoning has later toll, expert says (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 03/23/02

Potential poisons have always been a sad fact of life, (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 02/16/02

New York, watchdog clash over lead tests (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 04/06/01

LARC lead paint poster contest winners to be announced at Hall of Fame dinner (pdf), Northwest Times, 06/01

Study links blood lead levels, IQ scores (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 05/01/03

Make area 'lead free' says new initiative (pdf) Democrat and Chronicle, 9/27/00

Save children from jaws of lead paint (pdf), Democrat and Chronicle, 06/4/00